DDAC – Art on Wheels with Donald Osborne

Donald Osborne
classic car historian, consultant, accredited appraiser, author, curator, CEO, Audrain Group, Newport, RI

A fascinating presentation on the design and style origins of the classic Italian and American automobiles by the renowned authority Donald Osborne, the CEO of the Newport, RI Audrain automobile museum. Some of you will know Donald from his time in serving on the Board of various Hartford cultural and educational institutions (including the then-DAC Board several years ago), in addition to his recurring role on “Jay Leon’s Garage” and his other television appearances.

Mr. Osborne will give us a unique and personal introduction to the truly “classic” origins of many of the great auto designs, showcasing the depth and range of creative exchange in automotive design between Italy and America in the decade and a half following the end of World War II. He will be highlighting many of the topics in his acclaimed book “STILE TRANSATLANTICO / TRANSATLANTIC STYLE” a compelling story of classic art and design transformed onto four wheels.

Wednesday, February 16, 2022 at 5:00pm